At Durbanville Distillery there is a push to further refine the spirit that has seen civilization through troubling time over the last 300 years. The heritage of gin is retained whilst applying modern engineering innovation and unique distillation methods to produce a smooth, soft and fresh gin.
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Distilled from the finest locally-sourced grains using the best locally-sourced ingredients the Cape has to offer to ensure a purity second-to-none. Winning Gold at Michelangelo awards 2017. We apply modern engineering innovation and unique distillation methods to produce a crisp, smooth and soft spirit.
A smooth, soft and subtle white rum
Made from the purest african mollasses,this white rum can be enjoyed on-the-rocks or be the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail.
Here at Durbanville Distillery we apply modern methods to produce a smooth, soft and subtle rum.
We use the purest African ingredients and cold distillation to retain the essence and soul of the Black Strap Molasses.
Our dark rum is twice distilled and aged in American Oak barrels.
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She decided to take you on her first, hopefully one of many, sweet, fun and maybe just a little naughty, adventures. Introducing the first of Eve’s range, her Chilli Choc Shot, something playful, with a little sting, yet still sweet, just like our Eve!
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Knysna is home to the haunting beauty of Africa’s southernmost Afromontane forest. Deep within the forest a creature known only to this part of the world exists - the Phantom Moth. Phantom is named after this ghost moth and pays tribute to the wild spirits that dwell in this delicate ecoregion.
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