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The beginnings of gin dates to the 17th century where the Dutch thought it wise to infuse alcohol with Juniper berries, for medicinal The British troops then used this "medicine" to build some Courage, which seem to have worked. The mid 1700 saw officials attempting to knock gin on the riots resorted order and the ample consumption continued to grow.

Here at Durbanville Distillery we strive to further refine the spirit that has seen civilization through troubling time over the last 300 years We retain the heritage of gin whilst applying modern engineering innovation and unique distillation methods to produce a smooth, fresh and soft gin

We use the purest botanical ingredients and a method of cold distillation to retain the essence and soul of the Juniper berries

Our gin is twice distilled with botanical infusion between distillations as the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail

Tasting Notes:

Well-balanced soft spirit with clean citrus flavour in foreground Floral flavours linger until the juniper and fennel rounds the spirit off Grain Alcohol, Juniper, Lemon & Lime Zest, Coriander, Fennel, Cinnamon Cloves and Aniseed


Fresh aroma of citrus, juniper and spice.